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The Alphabiotic Alignment is a hands-on process which instantly unifies the brain hemispheres, balances the energies within the nerve system and muscles and releases stress held within the mind/body. In this state of Alignment you begin to function better on levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, placing you in a more favorable position to heal yourself.



Benefits Of Alphabiotics


Strength Increases

Tension Lessens

Balance is Better

Decompression Occurs

Ease is Achieved

Change is Inevitable

Change is Inevitable

Wellness is Possible



Stress is Handled

Calmness is Apparent

Thinking is Whole Brain

Inner Direction is Real

Self Talk is Positive

Consciousness Expands

Inner Peace is Possible



Congruence is Enhanced

Hopefulness Increases

Life Expression Improves

Awareness is Heightened

Empowerment Occurs

Transformation Happens

Higher Consciousness is Possible


Office Location

Stress Relief and Body Balance Center 

3130 S 11th St, #103   Niles MI 49120

(4 miles North of the University of Notre Dame in South Bend IN)


Office Hours

 MWF 9am-12pm and 3pm-6pm

Please call for an appointment.



Stephen Pennell is Board Certified as a Developmental Alphabioticist

and has been working hands-on with Alphabiotics for 8 years.

For more information contact Dr. Pennell by email or call 574.309.3111.


Alphabiotics is a first amendment based members only association.

New members welcome.


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