What Is It?

Developmental Alphabiotics is a time tested helping system perfect for today's world. It enables people to break free from the restless, unbalanced, energy-wasting state-of-being caused by the chronic stress that characterizes so much of everyday life.  Alphabiotics gives access to levels of wellness, transformation, joy and creativity, that we know are possible, but have found difficult to achieve.


This is accomplished through a dynamic referred to as the Alphabiotic Unification Process or an Alignment.....a hands-on process that acts as a catalyst, a way of flipping on a switch, so to speak, to higher levels of right-brain/left-brain synchronicity. When successful, the subtle life-energies, or spirit, come into a fuller expression within the mind-body, allowing for seemingly miraculous shifts on all planes of existence. 


The Alphabiotic Alignment instantly unifies the brain hemispheres, balances the energies within the nerve system and muscles, and releases stress held within the mind/body. In this state of alignment you begin to function better on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, placing you in a most favorable position to heal yourself.


The Alphabiotic process involves several gentle physical movements of the neck and is accomplished in less than 30 seconds. It is generally very pleasant. Alignments are done to tiny babies as well as the elderly. (Though painless, there is occasionally a soft popping sound, such as that made when popping the knuckles of your fingers. The sound is irrelevant - it means nothing to the process.)


Generally, the more you need the alignment procedure, the more apt you are to feel it. The rule is: the more blocked and tight you are, the more you need it and feel it. And you will feel it where you need it most. It's like opening a water faucet - energy flows where it needs to go.



What Does The Alignment Process Do?

It releases you from inappropriate states of stress

Stimulates Alpha 'relaxed -not-stressed' brain waves 

Instantly reboots and unifies the brain hemispheres 

Balances energy within the nerve system and muscles 

Releases stress held within the mind and body

Places you in a most favorable position to heal yourself 



Participating In Alphabiotic Care

Physical -  By releasing muscle tension, the body assumes bio-mechanical balance with gravity

Mental & Emotional - The mind becomes calm, peaceful and clear-thinking

Spiritual - We return to that state of connectedness to our source of power, inspiration and wisdom




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